What are business software systems?

Behind all successful businesses are systems – the structures and processes that they follow to get things done. These could be as simple as "this is the way we do things", or a more formal and defined approach.

Business software systems are tools that enhance your systems, and streamline your work processes. They might provide a convenient place to store information, help you to plan your jobs, connect you with technology, or assist you to make decisions with data and reports.

Why should you use them?

  • Provide an organised and streamlined way to manage your operations, giving you greater control and visibility into how your business is travelling
  • Make your work more efficient, allowing you to lower operating costs and scale effectively as your business grows
  • Expand your capabilities, by enabling you to do things that were too difficult or time-consuming before

Common software applications

  • Client relations (CRM)
  • Project management
  • Customer support
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing production
  • Shipping and labelling
  • Phone systems
  • Online bookings
  • Business dashboards
  • Website live chat
  • Custom business tools

Problems that software systems can solve

  • Business problem

  • With software systems

  • Unsure of where projects, jobs, or customers are up to

  • Software systems: Improved overview and control over your business operations

  • Wasting time and money by doing work inefficiently

  • Software systems: Lower operating costs and greater work output

  • Struggling to keep up with business growth

  • Software systems: Ability to scale up effectively as your business grows

  • Dealing with mistakes that hurt customer satisfaction

  • Software systems: Automatic alerts to detect and address problems proactively

  • Information is disorganised and difficult to find

  • Software systems: Important information is centralised and quick to find

  • Guessing decisions without data to make an informed choice

  • Software systems: Accurate reports to forecast and make better business decisions

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Examples of software systems

CRM software

How it works
  • Set up a series of enquiry stages (e.g. initial contact, waiting for quote, tech support)
  • When a customer communicates with you, the software stores the details of their enquiry
  • Enquiries are assigned to relevant staff, who move the customer's enquiry through the stages
  • The software can automatically create alerts and reminders (e.g. follow up with these customers)
Business benefits
  • Plan an ideal customer experience, and use the CRM to consistently deliver it
  • Improve customer satisfaction and never forget to get back to someone
  • If a someone is away, other staff can see previous communication and where things are up to
  • Increased sales through a more professional and attentive sales process

Project management

How it works
  • Provide a centralised place to store projects, their information, and any related communication
  • Keeps track of where projects are up to, and what still needs to be done
  • Monitor projects against estimates/budgets, and whether you'll meet deadlines
  • Individual project tasks can be assigned to relevant staff, who can record time spent or add notes
Business benefits
  • Visibility into how your projects are travelling, and whether any of them are at budget/deadline risk
  • Consolidates all of the project information, tasks, and communication in one place
  • Makes it easy for everybody working on a project to find what they need

Inventory management

How it works
  • Track stock levels of products or materials, and where they are physically located
  • Generate purchase orders and calculate true costs (e.g. including shipping or currency conversion)
  • Store supplier information, and get reminders to re-order so you avoid running out
Business benefits
  • Know exactly where stock is, how much is allocated to orders, and if there's any in transit
  • Provide accurate reporting for profit margins, wastage, and how quickly items are moving
  • Improve your ability to order the right stock quantities at the right time

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