Hello, my name is Matt, and I'm a business technology consultant.

Early in my working life, I discovered that I had a knack at noticing when things weren't working well. Whenever I saw inefficient or tedious work, I used technology to make it simpler and faster.

I decided to start Ethodigita because I kept seeing businesses making the same mistakes:

  • Constantly dealing with problems caused by a lack of systems
  • Doing tedious and unnecessary work that could be automated
  • Struggling to keep up with business growth effectively

These days there are technology solutions for most business problems, and many ways to innovate how we work. Over the years I've worked with a wide variety of these, learned what works well, and what doesn't.

So, whether there's a specific problem you need to solve, or you're looking for guidance on where to make improvements, I'd love to share my expertise and help you to streamline your business.

My approach

Understand your business

In my opinion, one of the most important parts of working with a business is to have a real understanding of how it operates.

There's no shortcuts here - I'll put in the time with you and your staff, learn how things work in your business, and use that to create real improvements.

Build self-sufficient solutions

As much as possible, I think that businesses should be able to run their operations without needing third parties (including me).

When I set up a solution, I aim for simple and reliable systems that you can manage yourself, and provide instructions and training for anything you'll need to do.

Provide genuine support

When you start using new systems and processes, it's normal to need some assistance or tweaking as you become familiar with them.

I back all of my projects with a generous period of support. Rest assured, whatever we put in place, I'm going to make sure it works for you.

I'd like to compliment Matt from Ethodigita on his eye for detail, you have no idea how exciting that is after dealing with many others who don't do the same.

- Mary Martin,
The Baby Builders

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